Google's Angry Mistake

Google's Angry Mistake

posted Friday Aug 5, 2011 by Scott Ertz

Google's Angry Mistake

This week, David Drummond, Google's Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, posted a blog entry on the official Google blog about how technology patents stifle innovation. Coming from a company who is built on stifling innovation, the concept seemed a little odd. However, the post started out on an odd note, talking about how Microsoft and Apple have been at each others throats for years, but Microsoft has held a stake in Apple for over a decade and was once the largest manufacturer of software for Apple devices. He seemed surprised that Microsoft and Apple may have teamed up for something, but I don't think anyone else was.

It all came about because of the recent Nortel patent auction, in which Microsoft, Apple and others banded together to purchase the patents jointly. Google did not want to bid jointly and, instead, bid on their own, obviously losing to the "Rockstar" organization. Drummond, and possibly Google as a whole, believe the team came together specifically to outbid Google to allow for a higher licensing fee for Android (a free OS), than Windows Phone 7, or allowing Microsoft to profit from Android.

Why can't this be the case? Hit the break to find out.

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