PlayStation 4 Revealed

PlayStation 4 Revealed

posted Saturday Feb 23, 2013 by Scott Ertz

PlayStation 4 Revealed

Sony shocked absolutely no one this week by announcing the PlayStation 4 at their PlayStation Meeting 2013 event, announced late last month. There were a couple of oddball theories about the meeting's purpose, but everyone with a brain knew we would see the announcement of the next member of the PS family. So, what do we know? We know one of the first terms used on stage was "prototype hardware" while showing off the garbage-collecting robot game, Knack. At that point we knew we wouldn't see the hardware, but that's okay: we also didn't see the Wii U hardware at announcement. Larry Hyrb, Xbox's Major Nelson, was apparently surprised, tweeting,

As with the Wii U announcement, we did get to see the controller. Similar to the PSVita, the PS4 controller will incorporate a multi-touch pad on the front, plus a light bar used for physical tracking in a room. Of course, motion controls and rumble have been enhanced, but it isn't a PlayStation console without that.

Knowing we wouldn't see any more hardware, it was all about the software. We saw title after title shown off and, while Media Molecule might have flopped pretty hard, everyone else shined. Hit the break for a rundown of some of the most talked about titles.

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