Aereo Prepares for Future Legal Action

Aereo Prepares for Future Legal Action

posted Sunday Mar 4, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Aereo Prepares for Future Legal Action

I think we all remember Zediva, the little company that streamed movies straight from DVD over the Internet to your computer for $2. We probably all remember their fate as well - shut down by a federal court.

Well, with the confidence inspired by such a success for Zediva, a new company, named Aereo, has decided to try something similar. In this case, instead of streaming movies straight from DVD, Aereo plans to stream television shows straight from an antenna. Yes, you read that properly, streaming full-broadcast television over the Internet. Thank goodness for digital television, right?

This week, all of the major broadcast companies have come together to file suit against the little startup. Hit the break to read about Aereo's plans for success.

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