Music of The Old Republic

Music of The Old Republic

posted Saturday Jul 17, 2010 by Josh Henry

Music of The Old Republic

One of the elements of the Star Wars movies that truly impacted me and made the franchise truly memorable is the music created by John Williams. Williams has been known for creating the score for various hit movies, like the Indiana Jones movies to more recent films like The Terminal or Harry Potter. He truly shows great aptitude for being able to capture a moment on the screen with nothing but a few subtle notes, to having you go on a thrill ride as Luke destroys the first death star.

By the looks of it, BioWare plans to carry on the traditions John Williams and continue to let music guide us on our journey through The Old Republic. According to their most recent Developer's Dispatch TOR will have 5 hours of original score, the score from both Knight of the Old Republic 1 and 2 AND the original score from the Star Wars movies. So when BioWare says that this is their biggest project to date, they aren't just blowing hot air.

Hit the break for details and a video of the music in the game.

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