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Redbox Instant to Beta Test on Xbox 360

posted Sunday Feb 10, 2013 by Nicholas DiMeo

Redbox Instant to Beta Test on Xbox 360

The beta period for Redbox Instant has been underway, in a closed state, for a little while now. As we've discussed in the past, people have been clamoring about the new instant streaming service from Redbox, who has decided to partner with Verizon, and have been chomping at the bit to get new information. As luck would have it, we've been gifted another tidbit that leads us to believe we'll see this thing launch real soon.

Major Nelson confirmed that Redbox Instant by Verizon is heading to the 360 and beta users will be the first to get a chance at streaming from the console that is the center of family entertainment. Emails have gone out to those users who have been selected already, but if you still want a shot, you can sign up on the site and could be selected for a one-month trial.

Obviously, as goes the trend, another video streaming service adds to the pile of new offerings we've seen as of late, but Redbox still has a chance to make an impact. What's really exclusive about their deal with Xbox Live is that the app on the 360 will allow one-time digital purchases or rentals without having to actually subscribe to Redbox Instant. As far as expanding it to other platforms, Redbox rep Jennifer St. Clair said,

We are talking to a lot of companies and intend to bring the (app) to more platforms which we hope include additional gaming consoles. Our goal is to be on the devices that consumers use to access entertainment. During beta and at our launch, Xbox will be the only gaming console with Redbox Instant.

On top of the Xbox, Redbox Instant will also be available on PCs, iOS, Android, Samsung Blu-ray Players and Samsung Internet-connected TVs. So, the question is, are you going to try out Redbox Instant? Will you make the switch from whatever other service you're using? What would it take? Okay, so those are three questions, but I'd still like you to chime in below in the comments section.


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