posted Saturday Jul 18, 2009 by Jon Wurm


Blizzard has another rumor fresh out of the mill and no, it's actually not about WOW... we hope. As recently as June 26th Blizzard hired Rob A. Rigole for legal console and purchased trademark applications under the category of computer games and online entertainment. The new title is "Cataclysm" and at this point no one is really sure what it is.

There is speculation of a next generation MMO or possible WOW expansion (no please) but Blizzard has many projects in the works and there is no guarantee that Cataclysm is actually anything. This could wind up like StarCraft: Ghost, Duke Nukem Forever and Half Life 2 Episode 3. Not familiar with them? That's because they don't exist yet and probably never will. What do you think?

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