Bring Your Girlfriend to the Cloud!

Bring Your Girlfriend to the Cloud!

posted Sunday Apr 3, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Bring Your Girlfriend to the Cloud!

Hey, all you Internet people out there. Remember when a judge decided that Facebook friends weren't really your friends? Well the judge never said anything about a Facebook girlfriend not being real! Because of that, company Cloud Girlfriend looks to deliver a girlfriend right to your Facebook page with ease. No social abilities, physical attractiveness or common decency required. Sounds like somebody we know.

For a fee, Cloud Girlfriend will create a Facebook profile of your e-g/f and will write on your wall and appear through various social media outlets. The company has yet to launch officially but has already gained the interest of the web, encouraging users to sign up now to save a spot.

Want to sign up? Did you know Facebook disallows certain ideas like this? Hit the break for more.

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