Amazon Instant Video Becomes Part of Amazon Prime

Amazon Instant Video Becomes Part of Amazon Prime

posted Sunday Mar 6, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

Amazon Instant Video Becomes Part of Amazon Prime

Media analysts are very strange people. In a market where competition drives creativity and uniqueness, they are quick to downplay certain companies yet promote others as revolutionary and breakthrough before they even launch, or better yet, when they weren't doing too well and relaunch. Spotify is an example of the former and the new and improved Amazon Prime is an example of the latter.

Prime was a service where you could buy pretty much any and everything with free two day shipping to anywhere in the US. We're talking things from soup cans to nuts and bolts, and it included a lot of the inventory. All of this was available to any interested consumer for an annual rate of $79 per year, similar to Sam's Club or Costco's membership packages.

Amazon Prime is now looking to enter into the video streaming market at a time where Netflix is doing more and more good for themselves and Hulu can't seem to catch a break. The relaunched Prime service is looking to go right after Netflix with over 5,000 shows and movies for its customers. Also, the added video streaming options won't cost existing Prime members any more money, which means the price of the service is $20 cheaper than the lowest Netflix plan.

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