You're going to love AIRO.LIFE's free cell phone and data plan! (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

It pretty much goes without saying that one thing we are all attached to these days is our cell phone. Which in turn means that one thing that is attached to all of us is an expensive cell data plan and phone bill. Douglas Mochrie, founder of AIRO.LIFE stopped by the studio to discuss their vision to eliminate the latter from our lives, altogether. They recently announced that they are launching the Be Free Phone.

The Be Free Phone is a smartphone and data plan that is provided completely free to the end-user. Oh, and not just some cheap phone that nobody is going to want. This is an actual tier two, flagship quality phone with a 5,000 milliamp battery, 16-megapixel camera, and a strong chip. How can they possibly accomplish this, you may be asking? We did, too. They will be openly and honestly collecting your data while giving you the option to be shown more of your favorite content in the process. So, your first thoughts might be "Oh, heck no. I don't want them collecting my data and selling it off to advertisers, etc." But when you think it through a little, it's already happening to us behind the scenes all the time, anyway. So let's see what they have to offer and what is motivating them.

They have huge ambitions and want the world to change to a more healthy and stable environment for all of us on the planet. They realize that this is no small task and feel that overall, banking, education, media and our current political structure all have to evolve. And their approach to this is not one of some fly by night company. They are very serious and calculated in their approach. Believing in the 4 pillars of sustainable business, People, Planet, Passion, Profit, they have been working diligently with industry specialists, consultants and business owners for the deployment of Airo.Life. Their first step is to disrupt the smartphone, carrier and ad world. They feel this will drive down prices and help families save money and eventually impact both the economic and political atmosphere. Then the next phase will be in the energy sector.

Learn all of the details by watching the complete interview and don't forget to check out their upcoming Indiegogo campaign by visiting their website.

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Frogo makes online dating more fun with a game-like environment (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

There are a ton of mobile dating platforms in the world, so new services have to do something special to separate themselves. Some go after a particular market, such as LGBT users. Others create special restrictions, such as requiring a woman to make the first move. One uses DNA matching to find compatible matches. Frogo takes a different approach, creating a personality and interest profile to help find possible matches.

While most dating apps begin to get tedious after a short time, Frogo is different. It is designed specifically to be a game, whose prize is potential dates. While some personality surveys come across exactly that way, this one feels more like a game. The questions are more fun than "Favorite sport?" looking more like "Do you prefer to play a sport rather than watch it?" This gives the platform more interesting information on which to base matches.

Once a match is made, you can increase (or potentially decrease) the quality of that match by "frogging" one another. This allows you to answer new questions together. If you answer similarly, your match percentage can go up. You can also purchase special question packs, similar to how you might purchase skins for a videogame. These new questions can expand on a commonality between you and your match or can explore a new aspect of your connection. There are even more risque type questions, intended specifically for adult subscribers. This could, for some, be a more laid back way of breaching the subject of physical intimacy.

Outside of the game aspect of the app, Frogo is a fairly standard dating platform. You can chat with your matches, make plans, and ultimately meet in person. The app does include a number of anti-harassment features, however, including not allowing users to share private photos with one another. This prevents unwanted photos from being sent without permission. All profile photos are verified for compliance with the rules.

Frogo is available now for both iOS and Android devices. Service starts at free.

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Anything but our just desserts for future Android version names

One of the most popular and long-standing traditions in the Android ecosystem is the naming convention. While Android versions have numbers, like most software, they have also famously had development names that are taken from the names of desserts. Some have been generic, like Android 9 Pie, while others have been named in partnership with dessert brands, like Android 8 Oreo. Trying to guess what the name of the next version is going to be is one of the best parts of the development cycle. Unfortunately, that is all coming to an end right now.

Android is seeing its first branding update since 2014, and with the update comes the end of the sweet names. It's not a huge surprise that it is coming with Android 10 (the official and only name of the next version) because finding a dessert product that starts with a Q was going to be a challenge. Before this week's announcement, the internet was already ablaze with ideas on what the next version's name might be, and none of them were good. Quiche, the egg-based French dish was a front-runner, but it's not a sweet product. A renewed relationship with Nestle could have brought about Android 10 Quik, but that was a stretch.

In addition to the naming convention change, Android also saw a more noticeable branding update, affecting its logo and Bugdroid, the mascot for the operating system. The new logo uses a less bold font face, and removes the terrible lowercase n and r, replacing them with more standard looking letters. The new logo also comes along with a new color palette, starting with a new green and using orange, yellow, and three varieties of blue. The new colors come as Material Design 2 hits the Play Store, stripping it of its color entirely.

In with Hal, who can be a lifesaver and out with impersonal assistance (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

This is the age of everything internet. When someone wants to look up something or find out information or directions, they Google it or look to Siri, Cortana or Alexa. Now there is Hal, which stands for Human Artificial Intelligence instead of AI, which is Artificial Intelligence. There was a time when people wanted advice on things or had to vent, they wrote to"Dear Abby". Today they write to Hal but you text him.

In this time, many people are constantly talking to computers which has created a form of isolation. This can lead to all kinds of problems for them. They have minimal contact with people and can sometimes go to a dark place, which can then result in severe loss of normalcy in their behavior. In an episode of Boston Legal, Jerry Espenson famously called 411 just looking for a human voice but was instead greeted by a computer asking "city and state, please." Because Hal is powered by a person, he has even been able to prevent suicide because the person can talk it out and get to a better place.

Being Hal is a paid position, just like an Uber driver. The position of Hal is paid by the interaction with the user. The longer you are interacting with the user, the more you get paid. The cost for the user is $3.99 per month unlimited usage. The availability of Hal is 24/7 and always there when the user needs him. There is a tool inside the app where the user can store information from previous chats that they may need to refer to for later use, such as a favorite restaurant or the best place to visit in certain cities. This can be very helpful for anyone traveling with any frequency, or who entertains a lot.

Hal is available now but for more information go to the website.

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You've never had this much fun exploring a city in your life! (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

Chloe Duesberg is the CEO and co-founder of an exciting new company called Driftscape.
 Driftscape is a mobile app platform for local
 cultural organizations to share their information and events. It enables them to reach a broader audience and, more importantly, gives 
users a great way to find
 in-depth information about local
 arts, culture, and history, all in one 

Driftscape is a mobile app that provides a platform for local organizations that shares site-specific stories, tours, and events. It's a great resource to find
 out what's happening in a particular city. The easy to use platform even pairs nicely with augmented reality modes to provide a fun new way to tour, explore and discover hidden gems all around you. Simply hold 
your phone up and zoom around to find markers
 that represent places of interest and read all about them. You can 
find events that are happening along with places of 
interest as well as tours. There is so much to explore. It's perfect when looking for new things to do in your home town and even better when you are traveling. Take Toronto, for example, where Collision Conference 2019 was located. There are over 30 local organizations already
 using the platform. This is perfect for tourists who are looking for points of interest and things to do, and also for business travelers who may not have a lot of time to see all of the sites and want make the most what's around them during their downtime. And also great for locals to find something in their city that they never even realized was there.

The best part is, for Users, the app is free and it provides a great way to explore what's around you. Simply select what you're interested in it, and start walking. You'll be notified when there's something nearby. And for Organizations, Driftscape is a powerful tool that helps them get your stories out there, as well as potentially generate more interest and possibly revenue.

Learn more details by watching the full interview and visit their website to find out more about what Driftscape can do for you.

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Conscioux helps you be conscious about improving your health (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

Companies all across the world are looking for ways to reduce health care costs. One of the growing trends in this area is by encouraging employees to try out alternative diets. The food we eat is one of the biggest contributors to obesity, which leads to sleep apnea, heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. One diet that is gaining popularity is a plant-based diet which is offered to employees through Conscioux.

While most people recognize the term vegan, they are most likely unfamiliar with the term plant-based. Both terms refer to eating food made up of only plants and include no products made from or produced by any animals. This includes meat, dairy, honey, and many other things. The difference between the terms is in their intentions: plant-based is for health and nutrition and vegan includes ethical and social aspects.

Conscioux is a platform that combines software, coaching, sleep, and plant-based diet to help companies create a healthier and more productive workforce. Employees can see their progress, work with a health coach and find healthy recipes all through a personalized dashboard. The platform currently has over 8000 recipes available and can be sorted based on effects on chronic diseases. For those struggling with adhering to the program, dedicated health coaches are there to support their journey to better health.

Human Resources can see overview data on the employees' health and track how the platform is helping the people in the company get healthier. They can see trend lines for stress, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, hours of sleep and overall happiness.

Because of the company's strong focus on data, they are the first plant-based nutrition program to be approved by an insurance carrier for preventative health. This means that some insurers will reimburse part of the cost of the platform.

Conscioux is available now in Beta. For more information, go to their website.

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SHIVR 3D Wireless ANC Headphones (PLuGHiTz Live Unboxed)

No, your mind's not playing tricks on you. This is what true HD sound is supposed to be. You will have the luxury to savor a stunning feeling. Powered by Yamaha, the audio quality has never been this vibrant, this crystal clear until now. Until SHIVR.

While the typical active noise-canceling headphones only use one mic to pick up and process ambient noise, SHIVR includes both feedforward and feedback mics. This ultra-advanced level of sound filtering provides the best noise-free experience in any environment.

Shopping for a new car just got easier with the CarHero professionals (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

Are you in the market for a new car? We all know the process you're about to go through and we are not envious. The beginning stages of car shopping can be extremely stressful from visiting numerous dealerships, to finding a car salesman that understands your needs. But what if we told you that there is an app that can take away most of that hassle? CarHero might be your savior in this scenario.

CarHero is a mobile application that connects clients with top tier automotive sales professionals in their local area. Every salesperson you're interacting with through this platform has been handpicked and vetted by CarHero. The application also provides the user/client with a closer look into who they will be working with during their car search through professional profiles of each salesperson. These profiles include a biography with their experience level, average response times, and customer reviews to give you an overview of the salesperson.

All you have to do is launch the app, pick a dealership, choose your professional, and send them a quick message through the app letting them know what you're looking for and how they can assist you. You do not need to exchange contact information with the salesperson because CarHero has it all. You can even video chat through the app with your selected professional to view cars on the lot and to get a quick demo without stepping foot on the property.

The number one goal of CarHero Co-Founder Ahmed Mourad is to ensure customer satisfaction. He has a lot of experience in automotive sales and knows the process can be tedious. CarHero puts everything you need in one place to help you make your best decision in this process.

CarHero will be launching late Summer 2019 starting in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information about this application, you can visit their website.

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AlgaeTracker is the new way to prevent algae growth in your water (PLuGHiTz Live Presents)

In this day and age, clean water is vital and being threatened in many ways. Harmful bacteria and algae blooms are everywhere and it is crucial to be able to rectify or better yet, prevent the problem in the first place. That's where Chris Lee comes in. He is the founder and CEO of AquaRealTime, a company created to prevent contamination of natural waterways lakes, rivers, streams and the oceans.

Good algae can have a lot of positive benefits that include nutritional supplements and are used to produce biofuel. However, there are also harmful algae, which can have many toxins in it that cause sickness and diseases. Chris has come up with an easy and very affordable way to predict and prevent this. The system uses sensors that float in the water, anchored to docks, buoys, and just held in place with a boat anchor in the targeted area, combined with predictive analytics that runs in the cloud. The most important thing about these sensors is that they are small, at only 10 pounds and can be installed in a few hours by one person, rather than 200 pounds and needing 2 men for about a week and a half. That sends notices to customers, such as the government agencies and water management districts about what is happening so they can avert disaster. This can also be of great benefit to hotels, country clubs, and HOAs.

Also, interested parties can purchase reports regarding data from the past. For example, the Gulf Coast states who were affected by the Red Tide are starting to contact their insurance companies for reimbursement of damages. These insurance companies will want to investigate and prove damages. Part of that process is retrieving historical data.

The product is in testing now and is looking for people who are willing to participate. For more information, go to their website.

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August 18, 2019 - Episode 535 (F5 Live: Refreshing Technology)

This week, Apple is fighting the EU, Ninja is fighting for his brand, and CBS and Viacom are trying to fight Disney.

We're live now - Join us!



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