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AT&T Joining OHA?

posted Sunday Dec 9, 2007 by Scott Ertz

AT&T Joining OHA?

Do you remember AT&T, the company who thought the idea of a completely locked phone, in the iPhone, would be great? Well, now they have taken a complete 180 and are now considering joining the Open Handset Alliance, whose current major members include Sprint, Google and T-Mobile.

What will happen to the iPhone if AT&T joins the alliance? Will AT&T be successful in making the iPhone open, or will Apple move to another carrier? We'll keep you posted as this keeps going.

Guitar Hero 3 Controllers Coming '08

posted Sunday Dec 2, 2007 by Scott Ertz

<i>Guitar Hero 3</i> Controllers Coming '08

Hooray! We will soon be able to buy a stand-alone controller for Guitar Hero 3! Unfortunately it will not be until next year, so while you're on your holiday break from school, you'll have to share with your neighbor, best friend or whoever.

We do not know when, exactly, but the important thing is, they're coming.

3 New Halo 3 Maps

posted Sunday Dec 2, 2007 by Scott Ertz

3 New <i>Halo 3</i> Maps

You've been waiting for new maps for Halo 3 and here they are, chickadees. 3 new maps launching on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 points. Each map, Standoff, Rat's Nest and Foundry, offer a unique style of play.

The maps will be available starting December 11, but if you can wait until the Spring, you can get them for free.

Microsoft Pulls Out the Banhammer Again

posted Tuesday Nov 27, 2007 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft Pulls Out the Banhammer Again

Microsoft is stepping up its fight against its own machines. Microsoft will now be looking at the discs themselves inside each console while connected to Live to detect if they are, in fact, exactly as they should be. If not, the console will be banned from the service, based on serial number, not gamertag. In other words, if you get caught, you get to buy a new console. Just don't buy it on eBay, as it is probably also banned already.

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