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Starcraft 2 Balancing patch is here!

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Josh Henry

<i>Starcraft 2</i> Balancing patch is here!

The faction balancing and new features outlined last month for Starcraft 2 will be implemented this coming Tuesday, September 21, when Blizzard updates the successful strategy title to version 1.1. These new features include support for NVIDIA 3D Vision displays, left-handed hotkey options and new map editor functionality. The full list of features and balance changes can be read over on

The patch will go live during a maintenance period starting Tuesday morning at 5 a.m. until 11 a.m. PDT, at which time the game's online multiplayer modes will be temporarily offline. If you've got a score to settle with a distant rival, you probably shouldn't schedule your grudge match during that downtime - not that any of you are awake that early. As far as how the community is recieving the patch, it seems as though everyone is extremely happy with the majority of the updates. I myself as a protoss player am a bit worried but I will just have to adapt and overcome.

Designing the Light Side Information!

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Josh Henry

<i>Designing the Light Side</i> Information!

Hello interwebz, I'm back and bring good tidings about Star Wars: The Old Republic! A few weeks back I mentioned how the Jedi community in TOR were a bit worried as to whether or not BioWare had an unfair bias towards the Empire. And for some time it seemed as though BW did indeed have something against the Republic, after the Empire recieved more information week after week. I then predicted that after the newest CG trailer entitled "Hope" was released that BioWare would turn over a new leaf and give those who support the Republic their fair share of information.

For what was announced, follow the break.

Apple Turns Over A New Leaf?

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Jon Wurm

Apple Turns Over A New Leaf?

When writing about Apple in the past we have certainly seen trends that would lead us to believe they like being the bully on the block that isn't particularly concerned about its employees, customers, or business partners. That's why the fact that Apple is willing to address issues with Google, Adobe, and even some of their product defects comes as quite a welcome surprise.

Take the following, many of which have been discussed on the show at some point. Excerpts after the break.

YouTube Tested Live Streams for Content Partners

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

YouTube Tested Live Streams for Content Partners

YouTube announced this weekend that it has finished tests some of its live streaming capabilities with several of its content partners, and looks to take the feature and roll it out to the rest of the site (if successful).

Starting at 8:00 a.m. PT, (Monday, September 13th) we will begin a limited trial of a new live streaming platform in conjunction with four of our partners: Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. This new platform integrates live streaming directly into YouTube channels; all broadcasters need is a webcam or external USB/FireWire camera.

YouTube's done this in the past, specifically a live segment with President Obama earlier this year. The goal with this leg of testing was that there would be enough live user interaction across the content partners to really tax some of the platform, essentially trying to see if the tech could hold up across multiple live feeds.

YouTube is considering another phase of testing with ten new partners and could possibly give it to all YouTube users in the future. It'll be interesting to see if this move propels the Google-owned video service to the level it wants to be at - the center for all online video-related content.

Intel Copies EA, Makes You Pay for Stuff You Already Paid For

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

Intel Copies EA, Makes You Pay for Stuff You Already Paid For

Have you been to a Best Buy recently? We haven't either. If you do happen to make that sad stroll into the price tagged store and venture your way over to the PC section (it's that tiny aisle behind the 17 foot Apple wall) you'll see a $50 prepaid Intel card. Intel calls it the Processor Performance Upgrade Card. We call it EA Has Infiltrated Our Beloved PC Manufacturers' Heads and Brainwashed Them.

What ever could this card be for? Hit the break to find out.

Halo: Reach Co-op Out of Reach for 4GB Xbox 360 Owners

posted Sunday Sep 19, 2010 by Nicholas DiMeo

<I>Halo: Reach</I> Co-op Out of Reach for 4GB Xbox 360 Owners

Hey, you there! Did you buy the new Xbox 360 4GB system so you could play your awesomely new cool game Halo: Reach? You did? That's so great! You didn't want to play the co-op mode though, the feature that drew so many new and old players alike to the latest Bungie title, right? Oh, you did? You won't be able to play. I'm so sorry.

What am I talking about? Follow the break for more!

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