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AVerMedia - Video Capture Devices for All Occasions

posted Friday Jun 8, 2012 by Scott Ertz

AVerMedia - Video Capture Devices for All Occasions

Every gamer has watched gameplay footage of their favorite game, or funny footage as we are in the studio this evening. There is only one way to capture that footage, and that is with a capture card. AVerMedia is here to make that capability available to the masses with their offering of computer-based and stand-alone capture devices.

If you are recording on computer games, they have an internal, PCIe-powered, capture device that allows you to capture and live-stream your computer screen over the Internet, called Game Broadcaster HD. It even gives the ability to incorporate commentary into the stream, making it a full, self-contained component for the hardcore PC gamer. If you want to record your console play, the company offers something for that, too. With their external capture device, Game Capture HD you can hook up any console, including the Wii, via component cable, and record either to the internal memory, or almost any external storage you may have.

If you have been looking for a good way to capture, stream and commentary your gaming, look no further than AVerMedia.

Beyond: Two Souls - Seems as Though I Just Became a New PlayStation Player

posted Friday Jun 8, 2012 by Carla Newsom

<i>Beyond: Two Souls</i> - Seems as Though I Just Became a New PlayStation Player

This week during LA gaming week 2012 Sony announced a new single-player game, Beyond: Two Souls. We are excited for this game which is estimated to be released in Spring 2013 for the PS3. The main character, Jodie Holmes, who is a young female with supernatural powers and a link with an invisible entity, will be played in a "unique way" by Ellen Page. "{She} is the most incredible Jodie Holmes I could dream of," says David Gage from Quantic Dream.

At the press conference, David Gage showed us some scenes from the game that just grasp hold of your attention and do not let go. He explains that Beyond: Two Souls tells Holmes' story in a 15 year timeframe, starting from the time that she was 8 years old. In the first scene of the game we see that Jodie Holmes is sitting in a police station. The officer who seems to have found her on the side of the road is asking her questions to see how he can help her.

Was there an accident?

Did someone try to hurt you?

Is there someone I can contact?


Finally when he is about to give up, disappointed by her silence, he notices a scar on the top of her head and asks if it's recent. A look of concern is displayed on Holmes' face and just then the coffee that he brought her shatters against the wall... without anyone's help. The officer, now confused, announces that he is leaving the room and will be right outside the door. Holmes slightly looks up to her left and says, "I know. They're coming." She appears to be speaking to an invisible entity, who Nick is 99.9999% sure is named Ivan. Although unfortunately from the clip, is unclear and there is still debate in the office as to what the name of this entity really could've been. Just then SWAT busts through the front door of the police station and asking for the girl that was brought in earlier. The preview shows more clips, which appear to be flashbacks throughout the game:

  • Holmes on a motorcycle being chased by a helicopter.
  • Holmes fighting off a police dog.
  • Explosions
  • Cars flipping over in the air.
  • Fights on top of moving trains, where she seems to surround herself with an impenetrable force as she jumps off the train, avoiding gunfire.
The video ends with the leader of the SWAT team, that we saw earlier, on the ground after an explosion. Holmes grabbing him by the collar of his shirt telling him to leave her alone or next time she'll kill everyone, and then saying, "Come on, Ivan."

I am more of an Xbox girl and know that with this game, I may just need to start playing on my brother's PS3.

God of War: Ascension Launches in March but I Want it Now

posted Thursday Jun 7, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

<i>God of War: Ascension</i> Launches in March but I Want it Now

Hey, current or potential PlayStation 3 owner. Yes, you there. Do you like God of War? I know, rhetorical question. Well then you probably already know about the newest title from Sony, God of War: Ascension. (Sounds just like Microsoft's attempt of the same game, entitled Ascend: New Gods, right?)

We got to see some intense single-player action on stage during the Sony press event and let me tell you that if you haven't even played the series yet, you will want to with the information and gameplay that I have for you after the break.

Aurasma - Augmented Reality With a Purpose

posted Thursday Jun 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Aurasma - Augmented Reality With a Purpose

Sometimes at events like ShowStoppers! at E3 2012 you are surprised by what products you find. Now, we all know about Augmented Reality (AR) - Sony even showed off their own implementation in the Wonderbook. So far, however, it has mostly been a toy and not really used for anything productive - until now.

Enter Aurasma. Their goal is to bridge the physical and virtual worlds, all through your phone or tablet. This system allows you to take a physical image and turn it into an interactive element. For example, if you use their free software and aim it at the Mona Lisa, you will be treated to a moving version of the image, talking to you. It is done entirely without ugly QR codes, which have become like modern day modem noise, keeping an advertisement or brochure entirely clean and professional. Companies have already used their product for Despicable Me, soccer teams and even Marvel has recently gotten involved to bring your comic book characters to life.

This is one of the coolest technologies I have interacted with, and it is great to see someone trying to eliminate the scourge that are QR codes. We have a great hands-on demo of the product after the break, and you can get the free app in either the Android or iTunes marketplaces right now.

Kingston Technology - Powerhouse Gaming Rig

posted Thursday Jun 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Kingston Technology - Powerhouse Gaming Rig

Only Kingston Technology, home of high-quality memory products, could show up at an E3 2012 ShowStoppers! party and bring with them an uber-powerful gaming computer. What do I mean when I say uber-powerful? How about 64GB of HyperX RAM, a $1,000 12-core processor and dual SSDs. One SSD is setup for the operating system and applications and one is setup for an Adobe scratch disk.

This computer is so powerful that rendering full HD video only takes about 7% of the processor. How do they do it? By loading all of the video into RAM, meaning no disk seek times, plus using an SSD as a scratch disk. With no seek time, the video is capable of rendering faster and smoother than the average editing rig. This simulates a lot of how videogames work. In general, the area you are in is loaded into memory and rendered on the fly. A rig like this could make any game run smoother, even at the highest video settings.

Check out the video after the break to see this beast in action.

Game Capture HD with Elgato Systems

posted Thursday Jun 7, 2012 by Jon Wurm

Game Capture HD with Elgato Systems

For those of you who feel saddened because your glorious video game achievements and heroic epic fails seem doomed to live forever in the obscurity of your memory then you'll want to pay attention to Elgato's Game Capture HD. I had the pleasure of speaking with Tim Böth, Elgato Systems brand manager, at ShowStoppers during E3 this year and we got live demo of the hardware and software in action.

The way that the Game Capture HD works is pretty simple. You have an Xbox 360 and/or a PS3,TV and a Mac or PC. The Game Capture HD hardware had an HDMI pass-through that catches the feed from your console and sends it to your computer via USB 2.0 in 480i/p, 756p, 720p and 1080i outputs without losing a single frame. So you've got a couple options even if somehow you don't have an HDTV to go with your HD game console. Elgato Systems also has their own software that makes it easy to work with your footage. Check out more after the break and get a first hand look.

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