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The Apple is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

posted Saturday Jul 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

The Apple is No Longer Greener on the Other Side

Apple has long billed itself as an environmentally friendly company. In fact, essentially the entire line of Apple products has been EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certified. Not that this was a big accomplishment, as millions of electronics products are on this registry. It makes sense, since many schools, corporations and government agencies will only purchase products that are on the registry, either by matter of law, conscience or charter. One of the reasons is because EPEAT encourages products to be recyclable, such as being easily openable with standard tools and with the ability to disassemble the components easily.

Well, Apple's products are certainly not that. If you have ever had the guts to try and change the battery in an iPhone, you know that there is no real way to do it without ruining the housing. This coming from someone who has replaced communications boards between phones without concern, so you know it is a pretty serious effort, unless you have Apple's special tools. Unfortunately, Apple's special tools are not "standard tools" and therefore, the products do not meet the EPEAT requirements for registry. Because of this, Apple has notified EPEAT to remove all of their products, almost 40 in total, from the registry.

How will this affect Apple and what do the two organization have to say about the move? Hit the break for more.

Google Wants $4 Million From Oracle

posted Saturday Jul 7, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Google Wants $4 Million From Oracle

It is always a major financial undertaking to sue a large corporation for theft. It is always a major disappointment when the suit goes to trial and you lose. Often times, those two realities come together and cost you a lot of money when you lose. In Oracle's case, it looks like the failed Java/Android lawsuit will end up losing them $4 million.

That is how much Google has asked from Oracle in legal fees. Of course, since Google won, they are totally entitled to recover costs incurred during the suit. According to Google,

Google prevailed on a substantial part of the litigation. {Oracle} recovered none of the relief it sought in this litigation. Accordingly, Google is the prevailing party and is entitled to recover costs.

$4 million seems like a lot, however. As proof, Google has submitted information regarding the break-down of costs, and the most impressive part of all of this is the $2.9 million on copying and organizing files. They had to pull and file almost 100 million documents in its defense, costing almost $3 million. That is an insane amount of Kinko's time.

The same coder/judge who awarded the win to Google will also be deciding how much they are entitled to in reimbursement. Thus begins the second leg of a wild and crazy legal battle between two companies that no one can really root for.

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro Will Only Cost You a Few Hours and $39.99

posted Thursday Jul 5, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro Will Only Cost You a Few Hours and $39.99

With the release date of the popular Windows 8 operating system getting closer and closer and changes out of the way, I think it's about time to shift to what it might cost us to upgrade to the new software. The good thing is that Microsoft seems to agree and posted in their Windows Team Blog this week about just that thing. Specifically, blogger Brandon LeBlanc wanted to talk about upgrading to Windows 8 from a prior operating system.

LeBlanc said that the goal with Windows 8 was to make it so that practically anybody could essentially "upgrade" to the new Microsoft way of life. To start that, any Windows XP, Vista or Win7 user will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99 in 131 different markets across the globe. For those of you wanting the "Windows Media Center Edition," an additional checkbox will be available for you to click on at no extra charge with the Windows 8 Pro upgrade.

What other perks and options do you get when you upgrade to Windows 8? Well, we have all of the information after the break, including what happens to you Windows XP users out there.

Pikman 3 and Wii U For You

posted Wednesday Jul 4, 2012 by Jon Wurm

<i>Pikman 3</i> and Wii U For You

Pikman was a fun, family-friendly title that provided countless hours of entertainment for children and families around the world. Finally, after 10 years Nintendo decided to blow the dust out of the cartridge and introduce Pikman 3 for the Wii U during their E3 2012 Press Conference. Not surprisingly, Miyamoto and his trusty translator made it a point to show off what Pikman 3 being a Wii U title actually meant for gamers. The most oblivious improvement comes from the enhanced graphics of the Wii U but Miyamoto also mentioned the extra resolution will make it much easier to deal with Pikman that are spread out across a large area. The gameplay mechanics have also changed a bit as your Pikman can manipulate the environment to build bridges and you have much greater control over targeting. Now you can discover and hone in on key items in the environment or weak spots on enemies to be much more effective in combat. There is also new type of Pikman, the "Rock Pikman," which is used for breaking hard surfaces and enemies that stand in your way.

To accurately control your horde of colorful Pikman you have the option of basic controls that utilize the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck or exclusively using the Wii U controller that provides some more advanced options. Depending on which you chose, the gameplay you experience will be different. For example, using the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck combination gives you a the more specialized targeting that adds depth to the battle at hand. If you go the Wii U controller route, the game seems to act more like an RTS (real-time strategy) where your focus is more about managing 4 groups of "Leaders" and Pikman at a time. This is done by dedicating the Wii U controller's screen to acting as a map that improves your ability to navigate to the different groups.

If you didn't get to try it out on the show floor then you'll just have to sit tight until whenever the TBA 2012 release date ends up being. In the mean time, check out the Pikman 3 portion of the Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference after the break.

Sony Spends $380 Million to Buy Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

posted Wednesday Jul 4, 2012 by Nicholas DiMeo

Sony Spends $380 Million to Buy Cloud Gaming Company Gaikai

It was only last week when newly-appointed CEO Kaz Hirai stood in front of employees and investors alike to defend and explain the company's revival plan. After the meeting, it seemed that investors weren't sold on the idea that was first announced in April and it felt like not enough details were given to make anyone feel confident that Hirai can turn this boat back in the right direction.

Now this week it looks like Sony is moving quickly on proving to their investors that they're going to try and do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means spending millions on acquiring a new company. Sony has purchased cloud-based game company Gaikai for $380 million. Gaikai is a direct competitor of OnLive, who is one of the few companies making streaming 3D games actually playable.

Will this move help or hurt Sony? We have the details after the break.

Unstructured Big Data with Valerie Logan

posted Tuesday Jul 3, 2012 by Guest Blogger

Unstructured Big Data with Valerie Logan

Valerie Logan is VP, Information Management and Analytics Solutions for Hewlett-Packard.

The transition from structured data, monitoring, and data warehousing to big data - tremendous volumes of unstructured data arriving continuously from multiple sources, such as the supply chain, environmental monitors, and transactions results in challenges in maintaining relevance to business objectives. Information is the new currency of business. The data itself is provided by consumers and end users, a goldmine of information in the aggregate.

The patterns and systemic view of how the information is matched up with externally available information is a primary task that companies face. HP brings answers to how to build a Big Data strategy, and then assist customers with the implementation details.

Valerie is responsible for the information and analytics theme of HP's global industry vertical solutions- focused on driving innovative, differentiated IP/product-based solutions. She is a Global practice leader of the information management practice within HP's Consulting & Integration services division, charged with facilitation of strategy setting, portfolio development, market position, delivery enablement and talent development across regions.

The video interview from the HP Discover 2012 event by the SDR News team is available after the break.

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