Xbox 360 Dashboard Enhancements are a Go

Xbox 360 Dashboard Enhancements are a Go

posted Monday Nov 1, 2010 by Scott Ertz

Xbox 360 Dashboard Enhancements are a Go

It is official - the Xbox 360 Dashboard update we have all been waiting for has arrived and it is downloading to a 360 near you. Now before you get all excited, remember that Dashboard updates rollout gradually over the course of a few days to prevent server overload. If you sign in today and do not get an update notice, don't panic: you will get it within a few days.

More importantly, as Major Nelson reminds us, DO NOT sign off and on over and over waiting for the update. This will not grant you faster access to the download, it will only anger your friends who will see the notifications every time you sign back on. Trust me, the new Dashboard is not worth losing your Modern Warfare clan.

What can you expect from the new Xbox 360 Dashboard? Hit the break to find out.

What You're Saying

posted Tuesday Nov 2, 2010 by PLuGHiTz

Having now used the new Dashboard for 24 hours I have to say Microsoft really missed the mark, at least visually. There is far too much white on the screen, so much so that it suggests that it was perhaps a last minute decision that never got tested on an actual television. That much white NEVER looks good on a TV. Hopefully we will see a small patch or a theming option to fix it because it is frustrating beyond all belief.

posted Saturday Nov 6, 2010 by PLuGHiTz_Jon

Yeah, the only thing worse than an absorbent amount of vision killing white space is a bunch of gray space. I'm most disappointed with the cards though. They are much more 2D and it kinda takes away from the richness of the entire interface experience. People expect next-gen interfaces to look next-gen.

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