E3 2010 - Forza Gets Re-Kinected With Racing

E3 2010 - Forza Gets Re-Kinected With Racing

posted Tuesday Jun 15, 2010 by Jon Wurm

E3 2010 - <i>Forza</i> Gets Re-Kinected With Racing

We saw a lot of impressive things this year at Microsoft's Keynote. Some of the most impressive news came from the widely anticipated and aptly named Kinect for the Xbox 360. Everyone can pick their favorite parts but even I am surprised at how impressive Forza looks given my hardcore Gran Turismo fan status. Bill Geist and Dan Greenawalt from the Forza team introduced us to a whole new Forza experience but more importantly a whole new racing game experience which the genre has needed for a little while now.

Hit the break for the full game rundown!

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