iPhone 4 Is Catching Up With The Present

iPhone 4 Is Catching Up With The Present

posted Saturday Jun 12, 2010 by Jon Wurm

iPhone 4 Is Catching Up With The Present

Apple claims to be changing the game again with their new iPhone 4 which recently made its debut at the 2010 World Wide Developers Conference that took place June 7th-11th. Jobs had a lot to say during his lengthy keynote where he first started off talking about the iPad before getting to the star of the show, the iPhone 4. Below are some notes that will help summarize the latest and greatest iPhone according to Steve Jobs.

Physical Architecture

- .37 in thick making it the thinnest smart phone ever.

- Two steel bands encompass the sides of the frame and serve to amplify the phone’s antennas enhancing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM while providing structural support.

- The new design of the phone is a little squarer than the previous models, which makes it feel less like the previous iPhones. (I think it more closely resembles the G1 now, which is funny.)

- The external buttons consist of On/off, Sleep/wake, Volume up/down, Ring/silent, and Home.


- The new "Retina display" is supposed to make viewing text and photos as clear to the eye as is possible.

- 800:1 contrast ratio.

- 3.5in. (diagonal)widescreen, Multi-Touch display.

- 960x640 pixels, 4 times more than 3GS.

Hit the break for the rest of the new and exciting features!

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