Microsoft is the Only Option for HD Netflix in the Browser

Microsoft is the Only Option for HD Netflix in the Browser

posted Saturday Jul 16, 2016 by Scott Ertz

Microsoft is the Only Option for HD Netflix in the Browser

Since the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft has had an uphill battle trying to distinguish Microsoft Edge from Internet Explorer. IE was "The Browser You Loved to Hate," an ad campaign that Microsoft ran before retiring the browser stated. It's true, the browser received a lot of hate with regular internet users, mostly because of previous versions that had not performed nearly as well as its competitors. With that, Microsoft switched entirely.

As part of their current push to get people to use Edge, Microsoft has published statistics about their browser. For example, the company had some harsh words for Chrome's battery performance while doing the same task: in this case, streaming video. In fact, in Microsoft's tests, and duplicated by other outlets, streaming video on Chrome killed a Surface Book battery 3 hours faster than Edge - a 70 percent increase for Edge.

This week, Microsoft made a claim that Microsoft Edge was the only modern browser to play Netflix at full 1080p quality. Microsoft claims that this happens for several reasons: hardware acceleration as well as access to PlayReady Content Protection and Protected Media Path, Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies that are part of Windows 10. Now, this is quite a boast from Microsoft, and seemed unlikely to be true, so we took to Netflix to run some tests. Our results are after the break.

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