Music Director for Halo Files Suit Against Bungie for Unpaid Time Off and Benefits

Music Director for Halo Files Suit Against Bungie for Unpaid Time Off and Benefits

posted Sunday Jun 8, 2014 by Nicholas DiMeo

Music Director for <i>Halo</i> Files Suit Against Bungie for Unpaid Time Off and Benefits

With E3 just around the corner, it would be natural for people to focus on the event. However, with the International Consumer Electronics Show upstaging E3 only six months ago, and with a number of surprises being spoiled by leaked information, I felt it was only right to bring to light some other news that isn't convention-related. There seems to be a lawsuit brewing between a Halo music composer and Bungie.

Marty O'Donnell, renowned music compose for the popular videogame series Halo, has sued developer studio Bungie and also Bungie's CEO Harold Ryan. O'Donnell says that Bungie and Ryan did not pay him for paid time off, various expenses and benefits and unpaid vacation time.

O'Donnell was recently let go by Bungie in April but it was not said as to why he was terminated. Considering that the composer was with the company since May of 2000, there's probably substantial reasoning to his firing. In the lawsuit, it's said that Bungie did not give reason or explanation for the dismissal of O'Donnell and that Bungie violated company policy in regards to pay employees for any vacation time that went unused, any paid time off and other benefits. It also says that Ryan personally promised to pay for those items.

O'Donnell is also settling other issues with Bungie and its CEO through arbitration, but the reasons are not described in the lawsuit. He is currently seeking double the amount he is owed in the suit filed on May 1st. On May 27th, Bungie and Ryan responded to the suit, denying that the company owed O'Donnell any money.

Considering that Halo had made almost $3.5 billion, it can be safely said that O'Donnell's music had something to do with the overall success of the franchise. While we don't know much of the situation, do you think he is in the wrong? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and we'll fill you in on the result of the lawsuit.

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