PlayStation Mobile has Finally Arrived

PlayStation Mobile has Finally Arrived

posted Saturday Sep 22, 2012 by Scott Ertz

PlayStation Mobile has Finally Arrived

PlayStation Mobile, Sony's answer to Xbox Live on Windows 8 and Windows Phone, seems to have arrived, and with some limited details. Last mentioned at E3 2012, seemingly in passing and not out of interest, there was little information presented in their 2.5 minute presentation. All we left knowing was that HTC was going to support the platform. What we didn't know was exactly what would be available and when it would launch.

This week, Sony finally decided to answer those questions for us. First, we now know that the platform will launch on October 3rd. It will be available on PlayStation-Certified devices, like the announced HTC partnership, and PlayStation Vita. So, what exactly is PlayStation Mobile? Sony describes it like this:

PlayStation Mobile is a brand new platform for tablets and smartphones that offers PlayStation-like experiences on a number of different mobile devices.

So, it is a unified PlayStation experience across multiple mobile platforms. That sounds vaguely familiar: Xbox Live on Windows Phone and Xbox Live on Windows 8, or Apple's Game Center anyone?

So, it is an established concept, sure. How does Sony, who has been losing ground in the gaming realm, going to differentiate itself? Hit the break to find out.

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