Google Nexus 7 Having a Myriad of Screen Issues

Google Nexus 7 Having a Myriad of Screen Issues

posted Saturday Jul 21, 2012 by Scott Ertz

Google Nexus 7 Having a Myriad of Screen Issues

It doesn't matter how exciting the launch of a product is, if there are hardware problems, there is no way to overcome it. Whether it be Canon's sensor housing crack or a tablet whose screen is far below the quality it should be, no software patch can solve it. It becomes an even bigger problem when the product in question is in such high demand that you cannot find a retailer to take back the broken one because they do not have another with which to swap it out.

That is the week Google has been having with their new Google Nexus 7 tablet. Announced at Google I/O last month and launched this month, the Nexus 7 was marketed directly to compete against Amazon's Kindle Fire; a $200 Android-powered, 7-inch tablet. While Amazon went with familiar hardware, specs that were nearly identical to the BlackBerry PlayBook, Google decided to try and be more exciting. The problem is that the screen has caused them a collection of problems.

From loose screws to touch sensitivity issues, Google's screen fails are detailed after the break.

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