HP TouchPad Arrives July 1

HP TouchPad Arrives July 1

posted Sunday Jun 12, 2011 by Nicholas DiMeo

HP TouchPad Arrives July 1

We have been following HP's moves very closely as of late. From the $1.2 billion Palm buyout to the beginning rumors about the webOS' new uses, it's been a very interesting couple of months for the company. More recently we covered the two new webOS phones and the coveted beginnings of the TouchPad and even had the rumor mill churning with the TouchPad arrival for the summer.

Well, for an unprecedented third time, we here at the show have been right yet again as we should expect to see the HP TouchPad come to life on July 1st! Wow, it feels good to say we are right about this one, as we have been excited since the idea was just a twinkle in HP's eye, $1.2 billion ago.

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