The New Product Launchpad

The New Product Launchpad

Kurrent - A Modern Alarm Clock and Charger


If you have been to a luxury hotel recently, you might have noticed that the bedside alarm clocks have gotten a lot more interesting. Most offer a large, dimmable display, with a multitude of charging options, making it easy to keep all of your devices charged. Now, Kube Systems is bringing that luxury to the home.

The Kurrent is a home version of one of their popular hotel alarm clocks. With two built-in charging cables, two USB ports, an optional Qi charging plate and an outlet on the top, this alarm clock can make sure you're on time, and keep 6 devices charged, all at once.

The company's Indiegogo campaign runs now through October 12, and has public perks starting at $85 for early birds. Our viewers are getting a special perk, offering the clock and Qi charging plate for only $99 (rather than the publicly available $115).

The New Product Launchpad

BackCountry Navigator XE - Outdoor GPS for iOS and Android


Whether you like to hike, mountain bike, rock climb or participate in other outdoor activities, one thing that is always a problem is cell service. And while you might not be looking to make a call, you could be wanting to use a GPS to navigate a trail or mark waypoints along your journey.

That's where BackCountry Navigator XE comes in. This off-road GPS offers the ability to download maps to your phone to allow you to navigate easily even when you are out of service area. One of the coolest features is, to save you storage space on your phone, you can customize exactly what parts of the map you want to download, so you don't have to have a whole state, like with most GPS systems.

The BackCountry Navigator XE, which is the second product in the family, is available now on Kickstarter through September 28, with perks starting at only $10 for a year of service.

The New Product Launchpad

Vinci - Intelligent Headphones


Today, listening to music is almost the national pastime. With services like Spotify and Amazon, there nearly any song you might want to listen to is available at your fingertips. But, what about when you don't want the hassle of using your fingertips? Some platforms have voice activation, but it still requires that you carry another device.

Vinci is a new take on the headphone that can eliminate the extra device. Featuring built-in touchscreen and storage, these headphones allow you to do many of your daily tasks without ever interacting with a phone or media external player. You can store music directly on the device, but you can also connect to Wi-Fi and stream music directly to the headphones. You can also take touch out of the equation as well, with built-in voice commands.

Vinci is available on Kickstarter through December 22, 2016. Backer levels start at just $99 for the headphones. You can also win a pair through our giveaway contest before the backer rewards will ship.

The New Product Launchpad

Audionoggin - A New Way to Listen to Music


For athletes, listening to music is often an essential part of the experience. Whether running or cycling, a good soundtrack can keep you moving, even when you want to give up. The problem, of course, is that many traditional headphones can become uncomfortable for some people, especially while moving around.

That is where Audionoggin comes in. Rather than placing speakers on or in your ears, these are mounted to a hat or helmet. This prevents the normal rubbing between the device and your ear, making the experience more comfortable. It also adds a degree of safety because you are capable of hearing what is happening around you, preventing an accidental run-in with a vehicle or other obstacle.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through November 18, 2016, and has a variety of backer levels available.

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