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Elana with FLL 32160, The Water Fountains

Friday Apr 6, 2018 (00:08:58)


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Elana is a 5th grade student who is currently on FIRST LEGO League Team 32160, The Water Fountains. She is enjoying her first year very much and loves the crazy things that her team does to make it a fun experience. Their cool hats really say it all.

Programming is Elana's favorite thing to do on the team. She has learned, though using NXT, that some of the programs are easy and some are more difficult to figure out. She also enjoys working on the missions. Right now they are working on a flower project where they are using water to get a flower to stand upright in a pot.

Being new to FIRST, she found the qualifying tournaments and judging to be scary in the beginning, but even though she started out nervous, she quickly found out how much fun they are and made it through with ease. She loves the science aspect of FIRST and how they problem solve throughout the process. She plans to continue in the field of science and hopes to get into CSI when she grow up.

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