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Barry Is In The House and Keeping Everybody Pumped Up

Friday Mar 30, 2018 (00:12:13)


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He's knowledgeable. He's energetic. He's full of STEM spunk. That's right, our favorite FIRST Volunteer Coordinator and Emcee is back... time to create a frequent guest punch card for the one and only, Barry Bonzack.

When you are around Barry, especially at a FIRST Competition, you can't help but feel inspired. He has a way of turning an already fun event, into a complete blast. The organizers love him, his fellow volunteers love him and most importantly, the kids love him! Whether it's calling a match, sparking a dance party in between rounds or fitting in time to be interviewed, Barry brings his unique enthusiasm to every task.

One thing about Barry that really inspires us is that once you get to know him, you find out that he is not an engineer. As a kid on a FIRST team, he discovered that you don't have to be the one who designs and builds the bots to be a very important part of the team. He learned that his planning and business skills were every bit a part of making the team a success. He started volunteering with FIRST while at the University of Central Florida as a mentor for a team and was able to get an internship with Lockheed Martin, who sponsored the team.

Barry now uses his business background in his career with Lockheed Martin at NASA on the Orion Program. And he carries his passion for Business and STEM forward as he Inspires and Recognizes Science & Technology every single day. Thank you, Barry, for being a FIRST advocate and volunteer! And as always, thank you for taking some time to join us on the show!

You can keep up with Barry and some of the really cool things he does at the Kennedy Space Center by following him on Twitter.

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