Best of Toy Fair 2018 - Episode 161 - Piltch Point - Show Notes

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Best of Toy Fair 2018 - Episode 161

Sunday Feb 25, 2018 (00:15:20)


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This week, Avram Piltch brings us a view from an event that most of us cannot attend: Toy Fair 2018. This year's event showed off a number of different and unique toys. One of the most interesting toys was a motion-controlled quadcopter: the Spin Master Supernova Drone. Living in a cage, instead of out in the wild, this little device moves with you, rather than with a controller. Another interesting game is Mattel Flushin' Frenzy, a game that revolves around plunging a toilet. Don't worry, you definitely read that correctly.

Avram's got a lot more to tell you about, and Tom's Guide has their full list.

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