Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S - Episode 138 - Piltch Point - Show Notes

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Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S - Episode 138

Sunday May 21, 2017 (00:19:22)


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This week, Avram Piltch discusses one of the topics we have missed over the past few weeks: Microsoft announcements. First is the Surface Laptop, not to be confused with the Surface Book. The new Laptop is not a convertible, but instead a traditional laptop. It comes in a variety of configurations, including color choices, something new in the Surface family.

Next up is Windows 10 S, the new edition of Windows intended for schools. This edition is essentially a full version of Windows 10, with the limitation of not being able to install software from outside of the Windows Store. This allows for a greater sense of security for school officials, without any issues from students. Microsoft will use Windows 10 S to compete with Chromebooks, which have recently begun to infest schools because of perceived security.

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