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Juiceboxx is Here to Save Your Expensive Macbook Power Supply

Tuesday Jan 6, 2015 (00:04:18)


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Apple fans and haters alike can agree on one thing: the MacBook power block is a disaster. Almost everyone who owns a MacBook, or knows someone with out, has witnessed the untimely death of one of these powerblocks because of fraying or breaking. Luckily, Juiceboxx is here to rescue you!

The product is a cover of sorts for your MacBook power supply, which uses a trumpet design to keep the power cable from bending over sideways in your bag; the most common cause of the problem. In addition, the case gives you the ability to customize your block to match your computer bag, your outfit or your personality.

Estimated to ship in early February, you can preorder your Juiceboxx right now for only $19.99 in one of 6 colors, available for 3 different models. If you have a MacBook, this is a must have for you.

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