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Electronic Arts Recap - Battlefield 3

Tuesday Jun 5, 2012 (00:05:00)


Episode Tease

This year at E3, EA and DICE announced an expansion to Battlefield 3. When I say expansion, I mean they decided to stick with the game that brought them to the dance and enhance it like never before. Plus, it's not just another map pack with no other exclusives and no added benefits, like their competitor.

With Battlefield Premium, you get a ton of new features and a bunch of spread-out expansion packs that include more things than just a map pack. $49.99 may seem like an expensive pricepoint, but here's what you get:

All Five Expansion Packs with Early Access
Stand out with Exclusive in-game items
Powerful New Features
Exclusive Online Double XP Events
Insider Tactics from DICE

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