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Bringing Amazing AI to the Hiring Process

Wednesday Aug 1, 2018 (00:16:10)


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Human Resource departments and hiring managers constantly face the challenge of finding that perfect hire for open positions within their organizations. Applicable candidates must not only be qualified to perform the daily work but also fit in with the dynamics of the company and their coworkers. The process can be extremely time-consuming because even when you have a candidate that looks great on paper, so often they lack the personality to integrate well into the team. This leads to frustration and inevitably results in precious time being wasted.

Having dealt with this very problem ourselves, it was great to get the chance to discuss a clever and inventive solution with Taylor Stevenson, Strategic Partnership Exec with Alyss Analytics. Artificial Intelligence is combined with algorithms in their proprietary software. This provides valuable insight into a candidate's soft skills. Thus quickly giving the employer a chance to either weed out, or selectively include, the specific individuals who are the best potential fit.

So, how does Alyss work, you ask? After being given a set of prompts designed from the needs of the employer, candidates will record and upload their video to the system. Then Alyss goes to work, analyzing for the requested data points. Lastly, a review score is generated that is tailored to the employer's original criteria.

At its core, Alyss categorizes with three unique approaches - Facial Mapping, Speech Content, & Delivery. Thus allowing the non-verbal patterns of communication alongside deeper linguistic analysis to be uncovered. Basically, it's a search engine for soft skills that creates an opportunity for both employers who can streamline the process and candidates who have a better chance of showcasing all of their skills.

This A.I integration that gives custom candidate insights has been in development for the last couple of years and made its debut just a few weeks before Collision Conference. Make sure to watch the full interview for more details and don't forget to check out their website.

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