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Announcing VRenewables' New Lighting That Might Save Your Life

Friday Jun 29, 2018 (00:11:57)


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Imagine being able to drive down the road and not only have great lighting but be able to stay connected to the internet. Now imagine being able to do this without any equipment connected to the electric grid. This is possible because of VRenewables, a solar and wind-powered lighting system.

It is a series of streetlights designed for use either residentially or commercially through the DOT. The residential lights are smaller units and come with options for the size of pole and brightness of the lights, or lumens. These are available in small units of 2-10, as needed. For commercial needs, they are available in units of 1000-2000 to utility companies.

The hotspot advantage is to have a consistent connection to internet and Wi-Fi. For pedestrian traffic, the ability to have and keep a strong signal is a huge benefit, not just for entertainment but for safety reasons. In addition to public and private roads, you can also see a great advantage on college campuses. Since safety on campuses has become such a high priority now, both for the students and the professors and staff, the current measures are no longer effective. Having this system installed on campus would give the schools the ability to control lighting and ensure that communication is always available in the event of a dangerous situation.

Another place where safety and security are important is at performances spaces. Even though security is tight at the gate before you enter, there is a potential for the parking lot to become an area of possible concern. Outdoor concert venues also provide a potential location for danger. By upgrading their existing outdoor lighting, the facility greatly reduces the possibility for dangerous scenarios. This is a win-win situation.

The cost of these lights varies from $500-$110,000. The Tampa Bay area manufactured products are available now.

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