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Being A Part of Electrathon Tampa Bay is Worth The Experience

Friday Jun 1, 2018 (00:12:48)


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PLuGHiTz Live is no stranger to the Electrathon teams of Tampa Bay. Gulf Coast Maker and Comic Con gave us the opportunity to learn a little bit more about them while speaking with the USF Electrathon team captain, Sai Chelikani.

Electrathon is a competition where people build and race electric vehicles within three categories: high school, college, or open enthusiasts. This competition consists of 2 one-hour long races where the biggest limitation is the battery life of the vehicle. The organization's main goal is to promote the awareness of alternative energy sources.

Sai Chelikani is a natural born racer that loves his role on his team. He was exposed to Electrathon after being on a high school robotics team and decided he wanted to expand his knowledge mechanically. Sai then realized that this program is a stepping stone into the technologically advancing world that he wants to be a part of. He discusses the skills he has learned and the journey he took to be where he is today.

You can learn more about Electrathon of Tampa Bay by visiting their website or connect with them through their social media.
Facebook: @ElectrathonOfTampaBay
Twitter: @ElectrathonTB

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