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Who You Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS: Lost Spirits Division!

Thursday May 31, 2018 (00:14:50)


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When you hear the name Ghostbusters, you probably immediately think of the movie. In the realm of cosplay, it is a group of people who have formed an alliance to do good in the community and have fun in the process. We met Ellery Christensen, a ghost cadet who is part of the Ghostbusters: Lost Spirits Division, one of 2 groups based in the Tampa Bay area. She became a member because of her love of the movie and through friends. She started out as a photographer for it and is now a participant.

This group of happy people is one of several groups in the area that, put together, would number over 75. Their goal is to spread joy and fun to charities, school groups, hospitals or fundraisers in the area. The group works with an organization called Cosplay for a Cause to find local events to participate in.

When they are at the con, they wander around meeting the people and particularly children. At this event one of the games they play with them is a card game that tries to test their "psychic ability." When they go out into the community, they make appearances in hospitals to cheer up the sick children. Their visits at schools are a lot of fun, and children wherever they go are fascinated by the Proton packs on their backs. These packs can weigh 40 pounds and can cost up to $1,600.00. Needless to say they are glad when it is time to take them off! There are people who have even named theirs.

This group of wonderful people are having such a good time being together and sharing their fun. Their main goal is to add a level of enjoyment to these events for kids of all ages.

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