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Astonishing Advertising That Can Morph With the Weather

Thursday Jun 8, 2017 (00:09:39)


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The advertising world has remained mostly u changed for a long time. While outdoor advertising has added digital billboards, in addition to traditional, and screens now line sidewalks and bus stops in cities like New York and London, what we see on these screens is mostly static images that rotate. Liveposter is looking to change that, however.

This creative company creates advertising that is capable of adjusting itself to external factors. For example, a department store might want to sell swimsuits and towels on a bright and sunny day, but coats and umbrellas on rainy days. By incorporating weather data into the advertising platform, Liveposter is capable of creating advertising to accomplish that exact goal. They can also use machine vision to identify people or object, like a car's make and model, to adjust marketing to a particular brand's owner.

The company has a few offices in strategic cities to have maximum efficiency for their clients. To find out more about the company, check out their website.

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