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Blackwolf Tactical @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:16:55)


Episode Tease

One of the more surprising companies that we encountered at the event was Blackwolf Tactical. This company has had the opportunity to pivot their focus several times without having to sacrifice their original mission, which is not something most companies can say. Coming from a background of live-action gaming, the company was approached to use their facility to create an adaptive learning environment for police officers.

Using their facility they can create nearly any scenario and have the environment adjust to the decisions of the officers. Rather than simply failing when you make a mistake, in this facility the environment can adjust to punish participants. For example, if an officer leaves his partner, he may be forced to face an assailant in the dark, or even have a weapon jam.

Never being content with the status quo, even if they are driving it, the company is adding even more interesting aspects. As the facility can track participants to a matter of inches, and knows direction and weapon movement, they have begun to put that data to use after the training. By importing the data into Unity, a 3D gaming engine, they can replay a scenario from any angle. Also, by introducing Unity, the original idea of a gaming facility could very well be on its way back

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