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Heddoko @ Collision 2015

Wednesday May 6, 2015 (00:14:47)


Episode Tease

While we may have encountered a lot of fitness tracking technology at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show, we certainly didn't encounter anything quite like this one. Heddoko has taken its cues from the gaming and motion capture world, creating a full-body suit that is capable of tracking your every movement and compare it to known data.

For example, if your trainer tells to do an exercise a particular way, the system is capable of telling whether or not you were able to accomplish that goal. If you were not, the system can also tell you where you might have missed and make recommendations on how to improve on subsequent attempts. This helps with strength, balance and, even more importantly, properly balanced training.

Heddoko is currently in its initial production run for sports teams and other professionals, but will be available to the public in the future.

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