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Flap Top Comforter @ Gulf Coast MakerCon 2015

Saturday Apr 18, 2015 (00:06:22)


Episode Tease

At a maker event, you never know what you might get to see. One of the surprising products we were introduced to is the Flap Top Comforter. Created by Minda Cameron, this product is designed to help make the process of making the bed easier and less cumbersome.

A full bed set has a comforter with decorative pillows, sheets and sleeping pillows. The problem is always what to do with the pillows and comforter, which you don't want in the bed while sleeping. The Flap Top Comforter solves this problem by turning your regular pillows into a more decorative pillow during the day.

While this might not immediately seem like a problem that modern adults have, consider your last stay in a hotel. Chances are there were a number of pieces on the bed that you had to find new homes for - usually the floor. This product eliminates the need to search for that at home.

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